Oil be damned! Texas Energy Network snaps up Verizon LTE spectrum

29 May 2012

Texas Energy Network (TEN), a provider of communication services to the oil and natural gas industry, has announced that it has purchased an allocation of 700MHz A and B block wireless spectrum in the south Texas region known as the Eagle Ford Shale, from Verizon Wireless. However, TEN has noted that the spectrum, which covers 28 counties, does not form part of the sale process announced by Verizon on 18 April 2012. Gregory M Casey, CEO and founder of TEN, commented: ‘We are excited to acquire this spectrum because it will allow us to provide a much needed service to our customers who have been requesting improved communications services in the oilfield for some time. We intend to build-out our wireless coverage of the Eagle Ford Shale region with a 4G LTE network as soon as possible to bring high speed bandwidth to the region. It is our goal that the Eagle Ford Shale will be one big digital oilfield with TEN delivering the bandwidth’. Formed in 2010, TEN claims to be the first telco to provide Long Term Evolution (LTE) coverage of oil and natural gas fields within the state; the company is currently rolling out networks in both the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale.

According to a recent study by industry group America’s Natural Gas Alliance: ‘The total number of recoverable reserves for the Eagle Ford Shale is still unknown, but there are estimates that it could be as much as seven to ten billion barrels. That would make it the largest on-shore oil reserve ever discovered in the Lower 48 states’.

United States, Texas Energy Network (TEN), Verizon Wireless