TBI to provide Hamilton’s new Wi-Fi network

28 May 2012

Bermudan telecoms operator TeleBermuda International (TBI) is working with the City of Hamilton to launch a new Wi-Fi network from 1 June, The Royal Gazette reports. The city’s newly elected major, Graeme Outerbridge, has announced that the new wireless internet service will provide high speed internet access to residents and visitors alike. In the run-up to the formal launch, the TBI-supplied network went live recently, offering free access on ‘Bermuda Day’ as part of the telco’s testing phase. ’Once the formal testing period has been completed, the service will be available to anyone who needs temporary or long-term internet access while in Hamilton,’ Outerbridge confirmed. TBI is offering a range of commercial rates for access to the new system based on daily, weekly and monthly rates.

Bermuda, TeleBermuda International (TBi)