Israel’s MoC steps in over MNP issue

25 May 2012

Israeli mobile network operator Golan Telecom, which entered the market earlier this month, has reportedly accused the country’s more established cellcos of hindering subscribers wishing to move across to it. According to Globes Online, Golan has alleged that Cellcom, Partner Communications and Pelephone have made it difficult for those subscribers wishing to switch provider, prompting the latter to in turn argue that Golan has been breaching mobile number portability (MNP) regulations. With the identity of any would-be switcher needing to be verified as part of the porting procedure, Pelephone has, for its part, claimed that Golan has been violating details of the required identity verification procedure.

It is understood that in the wake of local media reports on the matter the Ministry of Communications (MoC) has stepped in, however, following which Pelephone has confirmed that it will now allow existing subscribers to switch to Golan. ‘In view of the Ministry of Communications’ promise to Pelephone an hour ago to immediately intervene in the matter of identification verification during Golan Telecom’s mobility process, Pelephone’s mobility system vis-a-vis Golan Telecom will become operational at 17:00.’ Both Partner and Cellcom meanwhile have denied any accusations of wrongdoing with regards to the porting of customers to Golan.