PLDT signs WiMAX deal with Alvarion for metro Manila hotspot project

21 May 2012

Filipino carrier Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) has signed a WiMAX equipment supply deal with Alvarion under which the vendor will deploy 3,000 hot spots in metro Manila and other major areas around the country, as part of the telco’s Wi-Fi Zone Project. PLDT’s scheme is designed to boost Wi-Fi connectivity in key public zones such as cafes, car dealerships, salons, shopping malls, restaurants and cinemas. For an additional PHP150 (USD3.48) per month, PLDT exisitng myDSL subscribers can sign up to the new service and be given access to the new Wi-Fi Zone hotspots, it said. Work on phase one of the project is underway and the whole network is slated for completion within the next two years.