Rogers Business Solutions launches next generation IP voice solution

15 May 2012

Rogers Business Solutions, the enterprise division of Canadian quadruple-play operator Rogers Communications, has launched SIP Trunking, an IP-based voice solution designed to complement its fibre-based internet and WAN connectivity services. SIP Trunking uses IP to connect business Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems to the public phone network using a customer’s pre-existing private data network. Essentially, the technology allows an office PBX system and the voice services they control to become an extension of the IP data network. ‘Companies wishing to add capacity to their business phone networks traditionally purchase a minimum quantity of dedicated lines or ‘trunks’, in many cases forcing them to pay for more capacity than required,’ said Terry Canning, SVP, Rogers Business Solutions. ‘SIP Trunking allows business operators to reduce these costs by purchasing smaller quantities and sharing access across multiple sites. In addition to offering standard voice features, SIP Trunking also serves as a foundation for future investments in video, mobile and productivity applications.

Elsewhere in the corporate segment, Rogers Communications and Axeda have announced an alliance in the machine-to-machine (M2M) market. From this week onwards, businesses and developers across Canada will have access to the Axeda Platform to build and roll out enterprise M2M applications for connected products.

Canada, Rogers Communications