ComReg consults on new draft strategy for 2012-2014

30 Apr 2012

Irish telecoms regulator the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) has published its draft strategy statement for regulating the Republic’s communications market for the period until 30 June 2014, as per the Communications Regulation Act (2002). In its fifth strategy statement, the watchdog says it is looking to the successful delivery of ‘identified key priorities’, and as such, is keen to obtain feedback from consumer interests, the communications industry and other key stakeholders by the 25 May 2012 deadline. Key topics for consideration include the rollout of ‘competitive access networks’, which will enable altnets to provide ultra-high speed next generation network (NGN) services over Eircom’s infrastructure, once the incumbent has upgraded to fibre. Another core task will be the allocation of 800MHz radio spectrum for 4G mobile services and the full liberalisation of the 900MHz and 1800MHz bands – used for GSM mobile. Introducing the draft strategy statement, ComReg chairperson Alex Chisholm said: ‘The formulation of a strategy statement is invaluable in that it facilitates stock-taking and forward-planning and helps ComReg prepare for near-term change, enhancing our regulatory agility and flexibility. In the current period of dynamic change, both in Ireland and globally, it is vital that regulation is predictable, consistent and transparent, thus promoting competition and encouraging investment. In that respect, ComReg seeks to balance the needs of the consumer with the long term aim of ensuring, as far as possible, that there is a sustainable industry capable of delivering innovative services, alternative technologies and ultimately effective choice to end users.’