TelstraClear trumps UFB network with cable speeds of 100Mbps

18 Apr 2012

TelstraClear, the New Zealand telco wholly owned by Australian fixed line incumbent Telstra, has announced that it has introduced downlink transmission speeds of 100Mbps over its cable network in Wellington, Kapiti and Christchurch. Connectivity to its ‘WarpSpeed’ product is priced at NZD115.95 (USD94.99) per month, with a data allowance of 100GB; upload speeds are limited to 10Mbps. Prior to the move, download speeds for residential customers were a maximum 25Mbps. TelstraClear has noted that the download speed is the same as the one that will eventually be offered to subscribers who connect to the government-backed, in-deployment Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) network.

TelstraClear chief executive Allan Freeth commented: ‘In 2010 we trialled 100Mbps broadband for cable-connected residential customers, and it worked extremely well, and some of those people are still connected at that speed. We decided to postpone the commercial launch as there was little market for it at the time. In the last few years things have changed and the appetite for speed is now there, so we now offer next generation ‘WarpSpeed’ broadband to residential customers. This 100Mbps WarpSpeed broadband well and truly cements [our] well-earned reputation. We are bringing the future to Kiwis today. You do not need to wait up to ten years for Ultra Fast Broadband.’

TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database notes that TelstraClear first launched a 100Mbps service in Christchurch in 2008, priced at NZD230 a month, only to withdraw marketing for the product after it attracted just 20 customers in 16 months and later stopped marketing it to new customers. 100Mbps broadband was later trialled in Wellington, in September 2010, but plans for a commercial launch were mothballed in July 2011.

New Zealand, TelstraClear