Open Mobile completes Amdocs LTE Control System deployment

18 Apr 2012

Amdocs announced yesterday that Puerto Rican cellco Open Mobile has completed its deployment of the Amdocs LTE Control System for its Long Term Evolution (LTE) network which it began in October 2011. The Amdocs LTE Control System is a hardware and software solution that bundles real-time policy control with subscriber, device and service management capabilities. It is designed to allow rapid launching of new LTE data services such as volume-based packages with pre-set quotas, real-time subscriber redirection to top-up service quotas, and roaming controls to manage data usage and prevent mobile bill shock. Edgar Jaen, Open Mobile’s data services engineering director, said of the Amdocs solution: ‘Beyond providing us with a significant time-to-market advantage, it gives us the flexibility to offer innovative new LTE services that leverage dynamic metering and control. Most importantly, our customers can now enjoy an unparalleled LTE data experience.’ Open Mobile has not yet announced the commercial launch of LTE services.

Puerto Rico, Open Mobile (part of PRWirelessPR)