Turkcell confirms 100Mbps ‘on the go’ in LTE trial

13 Apr 2012

Turkish mobile giant Turkcell has confirmed that it has successfully tested Long Term Evolution (LTE) ‘on the go’ in Istanbul, with transmission speeds reaching 100Mbps. In conjunction with equipment vendor Ericsson, Turkcell tested 4G on a 3.3km line between its operation centres in Kartal and Maltepe. During the presentation HD video content was downloaded and uploaded simultaneously, while a third HD-quality video was viewed online without interruption. Previously, in July 2009, Turkcell achieved downlink transmission speeds of 168Mbps in a laboratory-based demonstration.

Turkcell chief network operations officer Ilter Terzioglu commented: ‘Based on

Ericsson’s measurements, carried out in 53 countries and with 639 different 3G base stations, Turkcell is the fastest in the world in terms of data download speeds. Thanks to our 3G investments, we can go beyond the speeds offered by the commercial LTE networks of the world, and are the only operator in Turkey to reach data speeds of up to 168Mbps. We should keep in mind that fibre infrastructure is gaining importance daily in pursuit of high data speeds. Currently, 85% of Turkcell’s transmission is provided by Turkcell Superonline’.

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