Doughty Hanson to acquire Eurofiber

5 Apr 2012

Family-owned investment firm Reggeborgh is selling a significant stake in Dutch operator Eurofiber to UK-based private equity group Doughty Hanson. No financial details of the deal have been disclosed, although the UK side says it expects the transaction to close in May. Eurofiber presides over a 12,000km network that connects 4,500 locations and reportedly carries more than 25% of internet traffic and 50% of mobile traffic in the Netherlands. Doughty Hanson’s Pascal Keutgens is quoted as saying: ‘Eurofiber has an impressive track record of growth, which we expect to see accelerate in the future. Fibre is a fast growing market as enterprises increasingly move away from copper-based legacy infrastructure, and as usage of smartphones, heavy data internet services and cloud computing increases. The management have impressed us with their ambition, their experience and their strategic vision of the market.’ For its part Reggeborgh, an investment vehicle owned by the Dutch entrepreneur Dik Wessels, is expected to retain a ‘considerable’, but unspecified minority stake in Eurofiber. Reggeborgh also holds an interest in Reggefiber, which Dutch incumbent KPN Telecom purchased in late 2011.