PVT launches LTE in New Mexico, Texas under ‘Fuego’ banner

30 Mar 2012

New Mexico-based Penasco Valley Telecommunications (PVT) has announced that it is poised to launch Long Term Evolution (LTE) services in its home state and in selected parts of Texas. Operating under the ‘Fuego Wireless’ banner, PVT claims that its footprint will include ‘expansive diverse terrain, rural agricultural communities, and metropolitan areas such as Santa Fe and Las Cruces’. The network has been rolled out by French-US equipment vendor Alcatel-Lucent, which will provide a complete end-to-end LTE solution, including eNodeBs base stations and internet protocol (IP)-based Evolved Packet Core (EPC), as well as taking responsibility for the network’s installation, integration and maintenance.

Glenn Lovelace, CEO of PVT commented: ‘PVT is excited to bring the best technology available to New Mexico. Our residents often wait years for the best technology to finally arrive. Now we are on the leading edge, enabling the most advanced and fastest communications technology available anywhere. Working hand-in-hand with Alcatel-Lucent, PVT will deliver 4G LTE under our new brand Fuego Wireless, so that our customers in New Mexico and Texas can benefit from the same high speeds and quality services that customers enjoy in the largest cities in the world.’