Digicel Samoa launches ‘4G’ mobile broadband service

22 Mar 2012

Digicel’s Samoan operating subsidiary has announced the launch of its new 4G mobile broadband network in the country, promising faster and more reliable internet connections to its customers. Although the cellco has not provided any details about the technology it is employing for the new service, TeleGeography notes that Digicel currently markets 3.5G HSPA+ services under the ‘Digicel 4G Mobile’ banner in the Cayman Islands, Jamaica and Barbados, and also offers it as ‘3G+’ in Bermuda. Furthermore, Digicel Samoa rival BlueSky Samoa is also marketing an HSPA+ network – providing a maximum connection of 21Mbps and 5.7Mbps (downlink/uplink) – as 4G.

In a separate development, BlueSky Samoa has reportedly filed a complaint to the office of the regulator over its rival’s latest marketing campaign. In its submission BlueSky is accusing Digicel of ‘aggressively offering inducements to BlueSky clients to switch to their network’, Radio New Zealand International reports. BlueSky CEO, Adolfo Montenegro, is quoted as saying that Digicel’s actions amount to ‘unfair competition and are geared towards stopping his company from giving the people of Samoa a good choice for mobile services’. Digicel says it has not been informed by the office of the regulator of any complaints about its marketing campaigns.

BlueSky Samoa, formerly known as SamoaTel, is 75%-owned by BlueSky Communications and other investors from Samoa and American Samoa, while 25% is held by Unit Trust of Samoa (UTOS). BlueSky Communications, itself owned by eLandia Group, acquired its stake in March 2011. Bluesky Samoa is the leading operator in the country offering GSM/W-CDMA, fixed line and internet services.