CAIW picks Netadmin open access management platform

22 Mar 2012

Dutch cable TV, broadband and telephony operator CAIW has selected Netadmin Systems to implement an open access management platform on its network ahead of an anticipated surge in customers as it continues to roll out fibre on its network. Ruud Wielaard, technical director of CAIW, is quoted as saying that Netadmin is considered a leading player in delivering open network management platforms for fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. ‘Netadmin has implemented network management platforms for many operators across Europe and we were therefore driven to go with their proven software. The efficiency savings and quality gains are demonstrated in projects that are up and running and we therefore see it as essential for the successful growth of our customer base and services,’ he said.

CAIW is active primarily in the western Netherlands and operates under the brand name Caiway. It currently has more than 159,000 television customers, 83,000 internet subscribers and 40,000 VoIP users.

Netherlands, DELTA Fiber Nederland (incl. Caiway)