Bharat Telecom Mauritius launches FTTH service

20 Mar 2012

Privately owned telecoms operator Bharat Telecom Ltd (BTL) has announced that it is launching a fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) service in Mauritius. The telco, which was incorporated in August 2010, hopes to deliver a range of services to Mauritian households over the new platform, including broadband internet and IPTV. Further, the operator says it intends to use digital infrastructure based on Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network (GEPON) technology, to act as a carrier backbone for other service providers in the country operating in the gaming and WebTV business spheres. Commenting on the launch BTL managing director Baljinder said: ‘BTL has the vision to connect every home and office in the country with a fibre network’.

The telco’s chief operating officer Anil Gujjalu says that network rollout has been ongoing since 2011 and that it has now reached the point where it will shortly begin to connect homes and businesses to its 100Mbps fibre-optic cables. BTL promises to deliver ‘high speed internet and other value added services at very affordable prices’. Industry watchers note though, that contrary to an earlier announcement from the minister of ICT touting its new fast broadband speeds, BTL will not be offering a 10Mbps connection for MUR280 (USD10) a month, but rather a much slower 2Mbps connection. It will however be bundling internet connectivity with IPTV comprising around 40 TV channels. The start-up package is expected to be marketed on a commercial basis within the next six to eight weeks, subject to BTL obtaining the necessary tariff approvals from the regulator.

Mauritius, Bharat Telecom