Djibouti Telecom, TI Sparkle restore global internet access following recent triple submarine cables outage

14 Mar 2012

In a press release, national PTO Djibouti Telecom (DT) and TI Sparkle have announced that they have been able to quickly restore access to the global internet for all their customers via a jointly owned Tier 1 IP point of presence (PoP) located in Djibouti City, following the submarine cable outage of 17 February. At that time, no fewer than three cables providing the majority of internet connectivity between East Africa and Europe – namely, EASSy, SMW3 and EIG – were damaged by a cargo ship in the Red Sea between Djibouti and Port Sudan. The damage resulted in ‘a serious degrad[ation] of internet services to and from East Africa’, the statement read. DT and TI Sparkle said that despite many carriers in the region experiencing a total loss of connectivity, it has been able to guarantee service to customers and accommodate demand from carriers affected by the outage, by dint of the robust nature of the protected IP node in Djibouti. ‘The fully protected configuration of our IP PoP allowed us not only to survive a triple cable failure but also to guarantee enough capacity to accommodate the demand of new customers for internet connectivity to Europe and North America,’ said M Abdourahman Mohamed Hassan, managing director of DT.