Ghana gives unregistered mobile users a one-month reprieve

12 Mar 2012

Ghana’s telecoms regulator, the National Communications Authority (NCA), has given unregistered mobile phone users an additional month to register their handsets before their service is deactivated. The deadline for registration passed on 3 March 2012 but at that date it was thought that millions of users were still facing disconnection due to issues with the validity of identification documents or problems concerning the processing of registration applications. Customers now have until early April to complete the registration process, CellularNews reports. The regulator had been threatened with legal action if subscribers had been cut off through no fault of their own.

According to the NCA, by 6 February over 5.58 million registration applications had been turned down because of invalid identity documents, while a further 1.46 million registrations were still awaiting verification from agencies such as the passport office and the electoral commission. In addition, more than 460,000 accounts – around 2% of the overall user base of 23 million – had provided no form of registration application at all by that date. The country’s mobile operators have set up a free SMS service which allows users to check whether or not their handset has been registered correctly.