Ireland poised to get More Mobile, but will anyone want it?

8 Mar 2012 reports that another newcomer could be preparing to enter the Republic of Ireland’s crowded mobile market, with the news that More Mobile has a web site up and running, with the banner line ‘coming soon’. The possible launch of a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) comes not long after JUST Mobile shut down its Irish operation in August last year, just ten months after it launched commercially in October 2010. The demise of JUST Mobile begs the question whether or not the crowded market can sustain another new entrant. Details of More Mobile’s plans are sketchy but its UK parent is known to be linked to 3’s network in Britain, leading some to speculate the Irish business will team up with 3 Ireland to offer the new MVNO service. However, More Mobile faces an uphill task if it is to carve out a niche for itself. At the time of the closure of JUST Mobile’s ill-fated foray, a spokesman for the start-up said: ‘This is something no-one wanted. We believe we created something special for our customers, but unfortunately the business climate is not conducive for young companies to raise capital in.’