Brown on all sides: Cooks to stir up interest, feed appetite for telecoms

8 Mar 2012

Cook Islands telecoms minister Mark Brown has met with service providers, retailers and user groups to discuss the development of the communications sector in a process assisted by Telecom New Zealand, the parent of Telecom Cook Islands (TCI). One of the aims is to explore new wholesale opportunities for local businesses interested in partnering TCI, according to the telco’s chief executive Jules Maher. On the user side, the Cook Islands Internet Action Group was one of the invitees to the meeting. ‘As minister of telecommunications it is my duty to ensure the industry is working as effectively as possible to meet the needs of the Cook Islands,’ said Minister Brown. The action group is hoping to initiate a discussion on amending the Cook Islands’ telecommunications bill, which it says is outdated, although Mr Maher was quoted as saying the legislation is not on the current agenda. Telecom Cook Islands reportedly rejected a recent third-party proposal to lease fibre capacity on the island of Rarotonga, on the basis that the request did not meet licensing requirements.

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