Regulator enforces decision on 35% fixed network interconnection reduction

7 Mar 2012

The Telecommunications Office of the Slovak Republic (TU SR) has imposed a final decision (originally issued on 7 November 2011) to reduce wholesale fixed line interconnection rates by 35%, after quashing appeals from operators Slovak Telekom, Orange Slovakia, Antik Telekom and Slovanet. The reduction is imposed on these four companies as well as GTS Slovakia, Swan, Trnavatel, UPC Broadband Slovakia and Railways of the Slovak Republic/Bratislava Railway Telecommunications, and is effective from 1 March 2012, from when the maximum wholesale charge for connecting a local exchange call to a fixed network phone number is EUR0.005 (USD0.0065) per minute, and the wholesale cost of single transit calls (i.e. from outside the local exchange) terminating on the public fixed network is set at a maximum EUR0.0072 per minute.