int@j pushes government to increase internet penetration

7 Mar 2012

The ICT Association of Jordan (int@j) is calling for the government to raise awareness of the potential of the internet and to introduce additional e-government services to drive internet penetration in the country, reports the Jordan Times. CEO of int@j, Abed Shamlawi said that teaching internet skills and increasing Arabic-language content should be state priorities. Commenting on statistics released by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Shamlawi added: ‘To make more people use the web, it is important to create an internet culture in society by educating people on how to use the service and introducing them to its potential. It is also crucial that the government introduce more e-services.’ The TRC recently published sector indicators for the final quarter of 2011, claiming that the country had 3.14 million internet users at the end of the year, based on 616,983 internet subscriptions (including narrow band subscriptions). The watchdog estimates internet population penetration was 50.5% at end-2011, up from 40.0% as at end Q1 2011.