TRA invites expressions of interest in unallocated 1900MHz-2170MHz

2 Mar 2012

Bahrain’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has issued an invitation for expressions of interest in paired and non-paired radio spectrum within the band 1900MHz–2170MHz. Its purpose is to collect information to use in its analysis of the market demands for spectrum comprising 55MHz within the band.

The TRA proposes to offer unassigned spectrum in the band to the three existing licensed public mobile operators (Batelco, Zain and Viva). This spectrum amounts to a total of 55MHz comprising 15MHz of unpaired spectrum suitable for TDD applications and 40MHz of paired spectrum with a separation of 190MHz, suitable for FDD or TDD applications. It is intended that this spectrum will be included in a future tender for public mobile system licences, which together with additional spectrum (yet to be announced) should be capable of facilitating advanced, post third generation mobile systems. Therefore the current planned release of un-assigned spectrum will be for a period of six months. The licence may be renewed for further periods (currently of unspecified duration), expiring on the date that the future licence award process commences, which will assign this spectrum to a successful bidder. This is envisaged to be within the period from Q4 2012 to mid-2013.