Belgacom sees revenues and EBITDA falling

2 Mar 2012

Belgacom has posted revenues of EUR6.4 billion (USD8.5 billion) for 2011, down 3% year-on-year in the wake of regulatory impacts, divestments and lower sales in the consumer segment failing to be offset by improved revenues from the company’s business segment and International Carrier division. EBITDA came in at EUR1.9 billion, some 3.7% lower than last year, but in line with guidance. In its forecasts for 2012, the Belgian operator confirmed that it expects revenues to slip a further 1% in 2012, with EBITDA falling by as much as 5% or 6%. Belgacom also said it would launch an efficiency programme from which it would benefit in 2013 but would incur further costs in 2012.

Belgium, Proximus