Gibtelecom to double fixed broadband speeds

21 Feb 2012

Gibraltar’s largest telecoms provider Gibtelecom has announced plans to quadruple the fixed line broadband speeds it offers. Under the telco’s plans it has said that the downlink rates for its Standard (2Mbps), Standard Plus (4Mbps) and Enhanced (8Mbps) broadband tariffs will be increased to 4Mbps, 8Mbps and 20Mbps respectively by September 2012, with the upgrades to benefit around 11,000 current customers. Initially Gibtelecom has said that the Standard and Standard Plus packages will see speeds doubled in March 2012, while Enhanced subscribers will benefit from a GIP10 (USD15.86) per month discount on the current cost of their package.

Gibtelecom is currently in the final stages of a substantial upgrade of its infrastructure, together with laying out the beginnings of a Next Generation Network (NGN) that it claims should serve Gibraltar for many years to come. The upgrade project has reportedly involved the deployment of new electronics throughout Gibtelecom’s network, including the core and remote concentrators which are geographically distributed around the Rock. With the telco concurrently re-engineering its IP core network – which is expected to be completed by September 2012 – this is expected to facilitate increasing broadband speeds even further. ‘These projects are technically complex and require substantial investment in equipment and development resources,’ noted Jansen Reyes, Gibtelecom’s NGN Manager, who is overseeing the deployment of the programme, while also highlighting ‘the capacity of the new platform to ultimately deliver VDSL2 speeds that will eventually transform the local offerings and pave the way for the introduction of multimedia services over telephone wires’.

Gibraltar, Gibtelecom