Clearwire TD-LTE network to go live in June 2013

20 Feb 2012

US WiMAX-turned-Long Term Evolution (LTE) provider Clearwire has confirmed that it intends to have 5,000 TD-LTE cell sites up and running by June 2013, as part of its first phase of rollout, Fierce Wireless reports, citing comments made by company CEO Erik Prusch during Clearwire’s 4Q11 earnings conference call. Prusch said that Clearwire has been working with Sprint Nextel – its majority owner and largest wholesale customer – to identify sites for Clearwire’s planned TD-LTE network, which will overlay the company’s existing WiMAX infrastructure. Prusch said Clearwire expects to commence its rollout before the end of March. Further, the company chief said that ‘not too terribly long’ after the first 5,000 sites are online, Clearwire will expand its coverage to 8,000 sites. The operator is looking to deploy its ‘LTE Advanced’-ready TD-LTE network in urban areas, where traffic is heaviest.

United States, Clearwire