Xplornet's ‘4G satellite broadband’ goes live

16 Feb 2012

Xplornet Communications, a Canadian provider of rural broadband services, has launched commercial internet access over what it bills as its ‘4G broadband satellite’ network across the country. Using the ViaSat-1 satellite, launched in October 2011, Xplornet acquired 100% of its Canadian Ka-band capacity to use exclusively to provide broadband internet to rural and remote Canadians. Avis Sokol, Xplornet’s VP of marketing, said: ‘The customers on the service during the testing phase were from select communities in Ontario, Alberta and Quebec. Sales and positive testimonials have exceeded our expectations. Today, we begin marketing the service nationally through over 400 dealers.’ A second orbiter, Hughes-Jupiter, will be launched later this year and will further enlarge Xplornet’s service footprint and capacity. ‘These satellites, together with Xplornet’s 4G wireless terrestrial network and additional Ka-band satellites mean that Xplornet can make real, affordable broadband available to virtually 100% of Canadians, regardless of where they live,’ the company said in a press release.

Canada, Xplornet Communications