Jersey Telecom connects first customers in FTTP trial

14 Feb 2012

Jersey’s incumbent fixed line operator, Jersey Telecom, has announced that it has connected 24 premises to its trial fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) broadband networks. As part of its ongoing pilot scheme, which is focussed on the La Rocque, Fauvic and La Moye areas of the island, the telco has said that it now expects some 500 households to be connected ‘within the next couple of weeks’, after it received more than 350 applications in the first 48 hours after opening the trial. As part of this stage of testing, which is expected to last for three months, trialists will be asked to provide feedback on all areas of the service, from installation to the connection itself, with comments then passed to Jersey Telecom to help develop the final wholesale products it aims to launch. While most of the participants are expected to see their maximum speeds at least double as part of the project, Jersey Telecom has also confirmed that it will be providing some homes with the maximum speed possible using FTTP technology, that being 1Gbps.

The operator has also reiterated its future plans, noting that it expects to extend the fibre-optic network to every home and business on the island by 2016. ‘We have a five-year rollout plan to connect all homes in Jersey by 2016’, noted Jersey Telecom CEO Graeme Millar, adding: ‘Clearly it takes time to replace the island-wide copper cable network, and we need to do that in stages to minimise disruption and gain appropriate access to the 42,000 homes. Thankfully when we laid the copper, we did it in such a way as to make it as easy as possible to replace, which will help to keep that disruption to a minimum.’

United Kingdom, JT Guernsey