Israeli communications minister balks at HOT’s tariff increase plans

14 Feb 2012

Israeli communications minister Moshe Kahlon has reportedly said that he is opposed to tariff increases proposed by cableco HOT Telecommunication Systems. According to Globes Online, the minister has called on the operator’s executives to reconsider its options with regards to raising prices, claiming that the Ministry of Communications (MoC) is unlikely to countenance such a move. The development comes after HOT yesterday revealed plans to increase the cost of all of its services, from fixed line voice to cable broadband and TV. In its defence, HOT has argued that the tariff hike is negligible, noting that the increases will not apply to all customers; it has suggested that around 30,000 of its existing subscribers will pay more for the services they are currently signed up for. From 16 February the monthly subscription for a fixed voice line will rise by ILS10 (USD2.68) per month, while call costs to both landlines and mobile numbers are to increase by ILS0.10 per minute. HOT, meanwhile, has reportedly said it will not been drawn into a public discussion regarding its talks with the minister regarding the proposed price increases.

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