NP put on hold to give telcos more time to complete service tests

6 Feb 2012

The arrival of number portability (NP) in the Cayman Islands has been put on hold to allow local telecoms service providers to complete all necessary testing ahead of its implementation. Last Friday the national regulator, the Information and Communications Technology Authority (ICTA [Cayman Islands]), announced the go for launch date has been pushed back from 31 January to 20 February. In a memo circulated to telcos working on the project, ICTA managing director David Archbold confirmed: ‘The licensees have not yet completed their inter-operator testing and we did not want the public to have to suffer as a result.’

In the interim, Mr Archbold is hoping that domestic service providers will use the time to ensure their responses to NP requests will be efficient and effective. In response, the general manager of LIME Cayman Islands, Tony Ritch says: ‘LIME was ready for local number portability to begin on 31 January; however, this process requires all operators to be ready at the same time. LIME has tested the process with both Telecayman and Logic, however, Digicel has been unable to commence testing with us.’