NCC to grant new fixed line licences next year

6 Feb 2012

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) plans to award additional CDMA fixed line telephony licences during 2013 to help drive expansion of broadband infrastructure across the country. ‘The licences will be issued to revive the fixed line telecommunication services that have been comatose and will benefit our broadband initiative,’ Bloomberg quotes the NCC’s CEO Eugene Juwah as saying in an interview in Lagos. In stark contrast to the country’s booming wireless market, which boasts over 90 million mobile subscribers, Nigeria’s broadband sector is severely underdeveloped with an estimated 200,000 customers having signed up to high speed internet services, according to TeleGeography’s GlobalComms Database. The NCC hopes that the award of new fixed line concessions will ‘enhance competition among telecom operators, ensure high quality services, drive down tariffs and by those factors make more choices available to subscribers.’

Nigeria, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC)