Subtel establishes price comparison service

3 Feb 2012

Hot on the heels of the implementation of mobile number portability (MNP) Chile’s telecoms regulator the Subsecretaria de Telecomunicaciones (Subtel) has completed an initiative to further encourage competition in the sector. The watchdog has set up a virtual portal (available at: enabling customers to compare the prices and packages of various telecoms services available in their region. Customers select their region and city, their choice of service – either mobile or a combination of fixed telephony, pay-TV and internet – followed by criteria for each service chosen, the number of minutes or channels included, or the speed of the connection. The customer is then presented with a list of packages that meet their specifications, with the option to compare the details of several plans alongside each other.

Showcasing the platform, Subtel said that it was responding to an increasing demand for information from customers. Telecoms minister Pedro Pablo Errazuriz said: ‘These initiatives demonstrate the commitment we have with citizens to create the conditions for our communications system to grow and strengthen, considering users and asserting their rights to free and transparent information … We have a more transparent market, better informed users and mechanisms for resolving consumer complaints more effectively, ensuring full freedom to choose … promoting competition and encouraging businesses to compete for better offers.’