Glo boss claims success for number reservation plan, but still no launch date

2 Feb 2012

The head of Ghana’s latest would-be cellular services provider Glo Mobile Ghana, George Andah, has claimed success for the firm’s ‘023-3’ number reservation campaign, but has stopped short of giving a date for the newcomer’s long overdue launch. Andah told journalists that the popularity of its scheme means it is opening up another block of numbers beginning with the prefix ‘023-5’ to enable more Ghanaians to reserve a number ahead of launch. Glo Mobile’s ‘Reserve Your Number Campaign’ reportedly allowed up to a million people to text a special number beginning with 023-3 to reserve a ‘special number’ ready for when the cellco’s commercial service gets underway.

Earlier this month Andah went on record as saying that Glo Mobile, which is the sixth player to enter the country’s saturated mobile market, has spent more than USD750 million to build a network comprising a broadband next generation network (NGN); over 1,600 base transceiver stations (BTS); four advanced switches with capacity for up to ten million lines; 18 base switching centres; 800 3G Node B-enabled cell sites; a state-of-the-art call centre and 25 retail (GloWorld) outlets.

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