Zesco rolling out broadband-capable fibre in Western Province

27 Jan 2012

The Zambia Electricity Supply Company (Zesco) has reportedly begun the installation of a fibre-optic network in the country’s Western Province, with the link expected to deliver broadband services once it is operational. According to ITWeb.co.za, the fibre infrastructure will bring high speed internet connectivity to banks, schools, government departments and businesses in the western region, which at present have little access to such services due to a lack of infrastructure. It is understood that Chinese vendor ZTE has been selected to install the fibre cables. Presently around 100km of cabling has been laid, stretching from Sesheke, to the Zambezi River at the Kalongola pontoon crossing, en route to Senanga. The report also notes that Zesco’s network installation in Sesheke follows on from the company completing the rollout of another fibre link in the Northern Province last week.

Zambia, Zambia Electricity Supply Company (Zesco)