MNP stats reveal no big winners

23 Jan 2012

Following Thailand’s introduction of mobile number portability (MNP) in December 2010, statistics for number porting up to 16 January 2012 have been released, showing that a relatively modest total of 304,779 phone numbers were successfully switched between cellular networks in the period of just over a year, of a total of 401,053 requests for number transfers. According to the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), mobile market leader Advanced Info Services (AIS) saw a net effect of 54,000 subscribers moving to its network via MNP in the period, although AIS’s small, wholly-owned subsidiary Digital Phone Co (DPC) lost a net 12,000 phone numbers as a result of MNP. Second-largest cellco Digital Total Access Communication (DTAC) experienced a net MNP loss of 5,000 customer accounts during the same period, while third-ranked GSM provider True Move suffered a net MNP loss of 110,000 users of its 2G/trial 3G services. However, a net 78,000 new customers switched their numbers to either True’s new commercial 3G 850MHz service, True Move H – which is offered via resale subsidiary Real Move using capacity wholesaled by CAT Telecom – or CAT’s new 3G retail ‘My’ branded offering which shares the same infrastructure as True Move H.