Batelco and Ericsson demonstrate LTE HD video services

23 Jan 2012

Bahrain Telecommunications Company (Batelco) has demonstrated high definition (HD) video services over a Long Term Evolution (LTE) network at the Bahrain International Airshow using equipment supplied by Sweden’s Ericsson. The HD video on demand (VoD) service over a 4G cellular network was showcased as part of Batelco’s preparations for launching commercial LTE services, and followed on from Batelco and Ericsson`s successful trial of LTE at the telco’s Hamala headquarters on 15 December 2011. ‘With the provision of 4G/LTE, Batelco networks will be capable of handling the much greater throughput of data in real time that`s required to support such services as mobile HD video streaming and conferencing, web-based applications and services, and the rapid transfer of large files, a company spokesperson said. Rival Viva Bahrain is currently showcasing LTE at Manama’s Bahrain City Centre complex.