Glo Mobile Ghana kicks off launch plan with ‘Number Reservation Campaign’

20 Jan 2012

Ghanaian mobile start-up Glo Mobile has kicked off its launch programme by unveiling a ‘Number Reservation Campaign’, giving new users the chance to reserve a ‘023-3’ number on its fledgling network by sending a code number via SMS. The newcomer had promised to launch the network commercially yesterday, but in a press conference in Accra, its chief operating officer George Andah said only that the reservation programme marked the first in a raft of launch activities it is planning. ‘In accordance with National Communications Authority (NCA) guidelines on number registration, no single individual subscriber shall be permitted to reserve more than five Glo Mobile numbers and the numbers will be activated upon the commencement of commercial operation,’ he said. No confirmation on when that will be was given though. The COO did say however, that users would start seeing the ‘full experience’ the new network can offer once its number reservation campaign had reached ‘the desired threshold’.

Andah went on to say that Glo Mobile, which is the sixth player to enter the country’s saturated mobile market, has spent more than USD750 million to build a network comprising a broadband next generation network (NGN); over 1,600 base transceiver stations (BTS); four advanced switches with capacity for up to ten million lines; 18 base switching centres; 800 3G Node B-enabled cell sites; a state-of-the-art call centre and 25 retail (GloWorld) outlets.

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