Ethio Telecom drops fixed call rates to boost traffic, subscriber numbers

18 Jan 2012

Ethiopian fixed line incumbent Ethio Telecom has slashed the cost of calls for its fixed line voice customers in response to a lower-than-expected increase in subscribers and revenue in 2011. According to AllAfrica, the operator has announced that with a view to encouraging uptake rates for calls made at peak times (7am to 9pm) have been reduced by 66.3% to ETB0.83 (USD0.05) per minute, while off-peak rates have been cut even further, plunging by some 228% to just ETB0.035 per minute. Commenting on the development, Abdurahim Ahmed, head of public communications for Ethio Telecom, said: ‘This [move] is to encourage subscribers to use [the fixed line service] more frequently than they used to, which, in turn, increases the revenues of the company … The traffic from subscribers making calls is the way to generate more revenue.’

Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom