Clearwire, China Mobile agree TD-LTE interoperability partnership

18 Jan 2012

US WiMAX operator Clearwire has announced that it has entered into an agreement with China Mobile, the world’s largest mobile network in terms of subscribers, relating to common test specifications and joint Interoperability Testing (IOT) for TD-LTE devices in a number of global bandwidth configurations, including the 2.3GHz to 2.7GHz frequency range.Clearwire says the deal ‘will enable the companies to further accelerate development of the TD-LTE device ecosystem, especially in multi-mode, multi-band LTE devices’.

Beginning this month, China Mobile, Clearwire and other GTI operators will establish a number of 4G mobile broadband labs, incorporating joint test platforms and IOT environments for TD-LTE devices. Clearwire plans to conduct its TD-LTE IOT in Phoenix, Arizona and Herndon, Virgina, whereas China Mobile will carry out its tests in Beijing and a number of other TD-LTE trial cities. The joint test platforms will be open for device IOT by key participants later in 2012.

Dr. John Saw, Clearwire’s chief technology officer, commented: ‘The unmatched spectrum portfolio underlying Clearwire’s planned LTE network has the potential to deliver faster speeds and with greater capacity than any current or proposed 4G network in the United States. Close collaboration with global wireless leader China Mobile accelerates the development of multi-mode multi-band TD-LTE and LTE FDD devices and provides the common test specifications OEMs, ODMs, chipset vendors and other critical component manufacturers need to rapidly develop and commercialise products to serve this massive global marketplace’.

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