Vodafone Czech tests DC-HSPA in central Beroune, CTU report says

13 Jan 2012

According to information in the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTU’s) Monthly Monitoring Report for December 2011, Vodafone’s local mobile unit is testing dual-carrier HSPA+ (DC-HSPA+) technology in the central Beroune district, offering select users to download data at maximum speeds of 43.2Mbps. The CTU says the cellco is expecting realistic (achievable) transfer rates of around 30Mbps. Vodafone’s trial in Beroune is being carried out via connection to the Vodafone K4605 USB data modem. If the tests prove successful, Vodafone intends to launch DC-HSPA+ in other cities this year, and will also look to upgrade its existing 3G transmitters to HSPA+, allowing maximum rates of 21.6Mbps (or 12Mbps-18Mbps in practice). By March 2012 is reportedly looking to have up-rated half of its existing 3G network to support HSPA+.

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