Alca-Lu deploys 100G solution for BSkyB

11 Jan 2012

French-US vendor Alcatel-Lucent has announced that it has upgraded the optical transmission network of British broadband provider BSkyB to 100G speeds in a development which it claims will help the latter ‘meet the ever-increasing demand for higher-quality and cost-efficient broadband and video services.’ Alca-Lu notes that it has provided BSkyB with its 100G next generation optical coherent technology, which supports data speeds of 100Gbps on each of the 88 wavelengths of an optical fibre. Sky has put the 100G services into operation in its fibre-optic backbone network, which is supported by dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) optical technology.

Commenting on the development, Mohamed Hammady, director of Sky Network Services, noted: ‘Part of the reason we have been the UK’s fastest growing [internet service provider] ISP since our launch in 2006 is that we offer a high quality, good value and reliable service that’s genuinely unlimited and is free from any form of traffic management. We can do this because of the investment we make in our state-of-the-art, all-fibre core trunk network. With the introduction of Alcatel-Lucent’s leading edge technology, we only enhance our ability to define the Sky broadband experience through our high capacity core network.’

United Kingdom, Alcatel-Lucent, Sky