PTC12 — Meet TeleGeography

5 Jan 2012

TeleGeography’s International Telecom Trends Workshop is one of PTC’s most popular sessions. This year’s workshop, sponsored by Telecom Egypt, will present TeleGeography’s latest findings on global network supply, demand, and pricing; voice and data traffic growth; and trends in international IP VPN and Ethernet service availability and pricing. Specific topics include:

  • Wholesale hot spots: Which regions may see new network builds? Where is demand growing fastest?
  • Internet traffic: Are network upgrades keeping up with traffic growth?
  • International voice traffic, revenues, and the impact of Skype
  • Wholesale capacity and IP transit prices
  • International enterprise IP VPN and Ethernet service availability and pricing

TeleGeography’s International Telecom Trends Workshop

Sunday, January 15, 13:30-15:00

Location: South Pacific Room 1, Mid-Pacific Conference Center

Welcoming Remarks: Mohamed Saro, Director of International Customers and Networks, Telecom Egypt

Moderator: Stephan Beckert, VP Strategy, TeleGeography


Greg Bryan, Senior Analyst, TeleGeography

Patrick Christian, Senior Analyst, TeleGeography

Tim Stronge, VP Research, TeleGeography

TeleGeography’s analysts will also be available for meetings throughout the course of PTC. To schedule a meeting, please email


Telecom Egypt

Attendees will receive a complimentary folded 2012 Submarine Cable Map. The map depicts more than 150 of the world’s major active and planned submarine cable systems, and provides key data about cable systems and the state of the submarine cable industry.

To learn more, place an order, or download a free high-resolution desktop wallpaper version of the map, visit our website.