Ofcom reports on telco complaints

23 Dec 2011

UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom had published results showing the number of complaints made in the last year against each major wireless, fixed line and internet service provider. In the fixed line segment, TalkTalk received the greatest number of complaints by a significant margin, with 1.16 per 1,000 customers in final quarter of 2010. This fell to 0.77 in three months ended September 2011, though this was still much higher than the next most-complained-about competitor, BT Retail, which received just 0.29 at the same date. Ofcom commented that the majority of criticism of TalkTalk came from billing and service issues. The company with the most satisfied customers was Virgin Media, with just 0.19 complaints per 1,000 customers.

TalkTalk fared little better in the broadband market, receiving at its peak, a 0.81 ratio in Q1 2011, though this fell to 0.55 by Q3 2011. Again, BT Retail was next, with 0.50 in Q3 2011. Meanwhile, BskyB and Virgin Media tied for first place, with both receiving just 0.19 complaints per thousand subscribers.

Complaint levels were far lower in the mobile sector, with a difference of just 0.12 complaints separating first (O2, 0.02) and last place (3UK, 0.14). Ofcom reports that the majority of problems with the UK’s cellcos were disputed charges and customer service issues.