Telefonica-Vivo sign up one million broadband users under PNBL

22 Dec 2011

Fixed, broadband and mobile operator Telefonica Brazil (including Vivo Participacoes) has signed up one million high speed internet customers under the country’s National Broadband Plan (PNBL) – which is designed to provide low-cost access to the Brazilian population. The operator signed up for the federal government’s PNBL on 30 June this year, at which date it committed to offering affordable broadband access capped at BRL35 (USD18.95) per month in 622 cities in the state of Sao Paulo by 2013. With the first 229 cities covered by September, the company says that it has witnessed an explosion in demand thanks to 300,000 net sign-ups – an increase of 43% in the user base since 28 September. Telefonica-Vivo’s subscriber base includes those people on PNBL monthly plans costing BRL35 per month or less (i.e. where tax relief rules apply the cost is reduced to BRL29.90). Currently, Telefonica-Vivo says it is offering a BRL29.90 PNBL broadband service in more than 2,000 Brazilian cities covered by the 3G mobile network operator. Meanwhile, the operator’s fixed network access costing USD29.80 is available in 229 counties. In the first half of 2012, Telefonica-Vivo hopes to expand its PNBL coverage to another 71 counties, increasing its footprint to 300 cities in Sao Paulo state.

Brazil, Telefonica Brasil (Vivo)