NTT Com says Japan-US backbone upped to 600Gbps

22 Dec 2011

Japan’s NTT Communications Corp.(NTT Com) has announced a data transmission expansion on its global IP network link to the United States, increasing capacity bandwidth to 600Gbps, equivalent to approximately 35,000 channels of digital terrestrial television (DTT). The carrier’s global IP backbones are connected to fixed and mobile telecom companies, internet service providers (ISPs), data centre operators and content providers. In recent years, NTT Com has seen demand for high-capacity bandwidth accelerating, leading to a seven-fold increase on the Japan-US link between 2005 and 2010. The company’s press release reads: ‘Although a part of the cable was damaged following the March 2011 earthquake, it was quickly repaired with minimum disconnection … This was thanks to the fully redundant cable structure and collaborative efforts with multiple carriers and cable companies, based on an established cooperative relationship.’

Japan, United States, NTT Communications