Cablevision accused of anti-competitive practices

22 Dec 2011

Argentine police have raided the headquarters of local cable company Cablevision to enforce a court order following a complaint over unfair competition from rival operator Supercanal, news agency Reuters reports. The move is an escalation of a bitter dispute between Cablevision’s parent, domestic media giant Clarin, and President Cristina Fernandez, which has been ongoing since Clarin criticised Fernandez’s handling of farmer protests soon after she succeeded her late husband as president. ‘This is part of a systematic campaign of harassment the national government is carrying out against Clarin group companies,’ Cablevision said in a statement. The Mendoza court also ordered the appointment of a co-administrator for Cablevision, but Clarin’s lawyer Damian Cassino said the media firm had lodged a complaint over the raid and said that it would also appeal. ‘This company [Supercanal] is citing competition issues,’ said Cassino, adding: ‘This is part of a political battle and [Supercanal] has yielded to the government.’