95% of exchanges to receive improved DSL soon

19 Dec 2011

The director general of Lebanon’s state-owned PSTN operator Ogero, Abdel Mouneum Youssif, said in a statement Saturday that the next phase of a nationwide DSL upgrade would begin on Tuesday, involving 43 telephone exchanges, and resulting in DSL internet speeds of at least 1Mbps being available to ‘around 95%’ of the network. As reported by local newspaper The Daily Star, the latest upgrades would include areas such as Anjar in the east, Mastita in the north and Bint Jbeil, south Lebanon, Youssif said. At the beginning of this month Ogero reported that 56 areas in its DSL network had received speed improvements. As reported in CommsUpdate, recent upgrades to international internet connections made faster broadband speeds available in Lebanon since 1 October 2011, while Ogero’s retail and wholesale ADSL prices have come down in line with a government decree issued the previous month, but some areas are still waiting to access faster speeds because the necessary improvements to local infrastructure are still pending. Later in October, Ogero said it had finally received equipment needed to deliver satisfactory high speed broadband services across its network of 170 ADSL exchanges, after a shortage of funding had caused it to stop connecting new customers.

Lebanon, Ogero Telecom