USD110m pledged for mobile networks

16 Dec 2011

Lebanon’s telecoms minister Nicolas Sehnaoui yesterday pledged a USD110 million investment to upgrade the country’s two state-run, privately managed cellular networks to improve services. As reported by the local Daily Star newspaper, the minister said that the new ‘National Quality of Services’ programme ‘will put an end to the poor mobile services. This plan will take eight months to be completed. But the Lebanese will feel the positive results in two to three months. Today I have signed the appropriate investment decision which will allow the two cellular companies, MTC Touch and Alfa, to start work on this big project.’ The first phase of the plan will involve a technical and geographic survey to determine the points of weaknesses in the cellular networks, which were identified in both densely populated areas and remote areas where the reception is weak or even negligible. Sehnaoui explained further: ‘In light of the survey, the ministry will buy 400 E1200 antenna stations that will be located in areas where the services are weak. The ministry will also buy 20 mobile stations that will provide a backup support and especially in the densely populated areas such as centre of the capital.’ The ministry also intends to buy 120 repeaters that would handle the problems of illegal equipment which some subscribers use to strengthen reception from their residence.