Ministry considering revoking Transact licence, paper says

16 Dec 2011

The Royal Gazette writes that Bermuda’s Ministry of Business Development and Tourism is ‘actively considering’ revoking or suspending the operating licence of internet service provider (ISP) Transact, amid an ongoing dispute of the legality of the concession. Transact is a sister company of Digicel Bermuda. Earlier this month the legal battle over Digicel Bermuda’s long-distance service – delivered through Transact – intensified when the government said it was illegal, and that Transact does not hold a licence to conduct business in Bermuda. In a package of affidavits filed ahead of this week’s Supreme Court hearing to consider the legality of the Digicel/Transact service, the government claims it did not give the green light to Digicel to offer the service via the ISP. Following the Supreme Court session, crown counsel Maurice Cottle said that Transact would now be given seven days’ notice and the opportunity to respond if any order to revoke or suspend its licence was made. A government affidavit stated: ‘Transact cannot lawfully provide a long-distance telephone service, or any service at all, to customers in Bermuda or any customers at all … none of [Digicel] or Transact is entitled to market Transact’s long-distance telephone service, either to customers in Bermuda or elsewhere at all; or to any customers of other carriers at all; or using the Digicel brand name.’ In response, Digicel counters that the long-distance service does fall within the law and that further, its new internet service provided by Transact is in no way affected by the current legal proceedings.

Bermuda, Digicel Bermuda (incl. Bermuda Telephone Company), FKB Transact