China’s Huawei tests ‘Giga DSL’ prototype system

16 Dec 2011 reports that Chinese vendor Huawei Technologies has successfully deployed a prototype Giga digital subscriber line (DSL) network, using time division duplex (TDD) technology to achieve a total upstream and downstream rate of 1Gbps over a single twisted pair. The online journal notes that whilst the delivery of 100Mbps-plus ultra-high speed broadband is a relatively straightforward process over legacy copper line resources, ‘providing 1Gbps bandwidth within 100 metres of twisted pairs using DSL technology is more complex’. Giga DSL is a next generation access technology platform that is growing in maturity. In 2011 the ITU created a ‘’ project team to formulate new standards for ultra-high speed access at short distances, the aim being to achieve 500Mbps rates per twisted pair within 100 metres.

China, Huawei Technologies