Unicom unveils new mobile internet strategy

9 Dec 2011 reports that China Unicom has revealed a new mobile internet strategy, called the ‘Wo-plus Opening System’, aimed at providing easy access to mobile internet applications, allowing developers to share the company’s resources, providing effective application marketing both on and offline, and constructing ‘smart pipes’ to allow the precise allocation of network resources. Unicom also announced a mobile internet alliance with 31 industry partners, including Baidu Inc, Alibaba Group, Huawei Technologies and Spanish telecoms heavyweight Telefonica. ‘China Unicom wants to show its determination and confidence in open cooperation,’ said its chairman Chang Xiaobing at the 2011 China Unicom Mobile Internet Application Industry Summit in Beijing yesterday. The company said that its 3G mobile subscriber base increased to 33.15 million in October, while Wostore, the application store introduced by Unicom twelve months ago, has three million registered users and had 16,000 applications by November, by which time there had been 60 million downloads, according to Chinadaily.