Econet claims 1.7m mobile broadband users

7 Dec 2011

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe’s chief commercial officer of broadband services, Leon de Fleuriot, announced that the company had accumulated 1.7 million mobile broadband users by the start of December, while 600,000 subscribers were accessing the internet through Econet’s ‘eTXT’ service. With an overlap of around 200,000 between the two figures, Econet claims an aggregate of 2.1 million unique users of the two data services, and de Fleuriot told local ICT journal TechZim that it is adding between 50,000 and 60,000 mobile internet subscribers each month. The executive said that around 140,000 subscribers are signed up to Econet’s mobile e-mail service EconetMail, a figure which he said is continuing to grow without any active promotion. The CCO also confirmed to the site that Econet offered a maximum data speed of 2.5Mbps on its network, having lifted a previously-imposed 250kbps speed cap in September, but the actual speed experienced will depend on location, density of subscribers using each cell site, and time of day (peak or off-peak). De Fleuriot also confirmed that MMS messaging services would be launched next year, but indicated that Econet was not expecting MMS to be a key service due to the popularity of alternative messaging applications offered over mobile broadband connections, such as WhatsApp. Finally, he said that subscribers could expect some price reductions in the new year as more equipment to support the growing mobile broadband subscriber base is installed.